20–21 October 2023

Information for the Participants

Criteria for Selection

Dear colleagues, submitted abstracts are reviewed by the Programme Committee. Each participant is allowed to submit only one application. If two or more applications (individual or in co-authorship) are submitted, the first one is considered for acceptance.

Acceptance will be based on the following criteria:

  • The abstract is between 200-250 words and accurately reflects the key points of your research (aims, materials, methodology, and results);
  • The presentation is directly relevant to the theme of the conference;
  • The presentation is related to the issues of the chosen session;
  • The content of the proposed presentation corresponds to the topic;
  • The presentation contains new ideas, data or conclusions not previously presented or considers a long-standing issue from a new perspective; all submissions will be screened for plagiarism and self-plagiarism;
  • The presentation caters for an audience of professionals in your field;
  • The presentation is of theoretical interest and/or practical value to your audience rather than merely descriptive (conference reports, reviews and the like are not accepted).

Proposals that do not meet the criteria will be declined without review. The Programme Committee's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Travel Grants

To help break down the barriers that prevent scholars from sharing their research with the broader academic community, we are excited to offer travel grants to applicants who have their research papers accepted. Grants are limited in number and will be awarded on a competitive basis by the Programme Committee based on application review.

Travel expenses will be calculated based upon the least expensive, reasonable travel option. Applicants themselves and/or their home institutions must cover any additional expenses. 

Who is eligible:

  • The applicant must be a presenting author on a conference abstract
  • Only one co-author per presentation is eligible
  • The applicant must represent a university outside the Commonwealth of Independent States

How to apply

Submit your abstract on the website of the conference

Upon submitting your abstract, press TRAVEL GRANT to access the application form. The Committee will only consider those applications that have been submitted through the relevant section of the website.

Upload a brief academic CV

Incomplete applications are not processed

After the application:

  • All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt via email after submitting their application. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the email.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing of the decisions of the Programme Committee within approximately two weeks of the application deadline.
  • Submissions will primarily be evaluated on the academic merit of the abstract. There are no appeals available; all decisions are final.

If the application is approved:

A grant recipient will be guided through the process. Once the application is approved, the conference team will get in touch with the grant recipient to discuss the details.

Please be advised that grant funds will NOT be disbursed directly to recipients (DO NOT BUY THE TICKET); rather the conference team will take care of the travel arrangements after the dates, itinerary and financial details have been finalized with the grant recipient.

Publication opportunities

Conference speakers are invited to submit their presentations for publication in the proceedings of the Conference, which will be assigned an ISBN and indexed in the Russian Scientific Citation Index. Each article will also be assigned a DOI. Please note that only attendees’ papers will be accepted for publication. Kindly inform the Conference Team if you cannot attend the Conference.

Please note that the publication fee will apply (to be announced in due course).

For submission guidelines go down. All articles will be screened for plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. Articles with the level of originality below 85% will be returned for revision.

The Proceedings will be published online after the conference.

Please e-mail the formatted manuscript of up to seven pages to from October 1 till October 10, 2023. You will receive an automated confirmation of your submission. Please note that the abovementioned email is used for publications only. Attendees are kindly requested to forward all queries, including questions related to the publication of conference proceedings, to

When forwarding the manuscript to articles.inno-conf@inno.mgimo, please indicate the name of the attached file in the Subject area, e.g. Johnson_4 (i.e. the last name of the attendee – underscore – the number of the session) and the word count.

Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines: PDF, Word

Manuscript Layout: PDF, Word

Tips for conference speakers

Dear conference speakers, if you want the conference delegates to communicate successfully, please note that good conference interpretation is a joint venture of interpreters and speakers. The former must be professional; the latter should not rush with their presentation and are requested to:

  • give the interpreters a hard copy of their presentation during registration even if they do not intend to read it through;
  • give the interpreters a hard copy of the power point presentation they are going to use as the interpreters’ booth does not offer a good view of the conference hall or the viewing screen;
  • speak distinctly and clearly;
  • explain the acronyms and abbreviations when first used even if they seem obvious to the speaker.
Conference Venue

MGIMO University is located at 76, Prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow, Russia between two Red Line metro stations — Yugo-Zapadnaya (South West) and Prospect Vernadskogo (see the map).

From metro station Prospect Vernadskogo: once on the station platform, walk in the direction of the front car of the train. Take the exit at the top of the stairs and turn left once you walk through the glass doors. Use the first stairs either on the right or on the left to get to the bus stop. Take buses # 616, 715, 793, 810 or 830 and get off at the stop «MGIMO».

The university is located on the opposite side of the street.

From metro station Yugo-Zapandnaya: once on the station platform, walk in the direction of the last car. Take the exit at the top of the stairs and turn right once you walk through the glass doors. Take buses # 688 or 219 and get off at the stop «MGIMO».

The university is located on the opposite side of the street.

How to get inside