22–23 March 2019

Information for the Participants

Criteria for Selection

Submitted abstracts are reviewed by the Programme Committee. Your paper will be included in the programme of the conference provided it fulfils the following criteria:

  • The abstract is between 200-250 words and accurately reflects what you are going to speak about rather than merely restates the topic.
  • The abstract clearly shows how the presentation relates and contributes to the theme of the conference.
  • The abstract corresponds to the proposed title of the presentation.
  • The proposed presentation contains new ideas, data or conclusions not previously presented or sheds a new light on a topic of interest to your audience; all submissions will be screened for plagiarism;
  • The proposed presentation caters for an audience of professionals in your field.
  • The proposed presentation is of theoretical interest and/or practical value to your audience rather than merely descriptive (conference reports, reviews and the like are not accepted).

Proposals that do not meet the criteria will be declined without review.

The Programme Committee's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Visa Support

International participants who require a visa to enter the Russian Federation are kindly reminded that they are to apply for a visa 45 days prior to the day of entry into the country.

If you need an invitation as part of the visa application process, please submit a request via email Letters of invitation can only be issued to confirmed registrants.

When submitting your request, please provide the following information:

  1. full name;
  2. nationality / citizenship;
  3. date of birth;
  4. place of birth (city, country);
  5. passport No, valid from ..... to … (it is important that your passport be valid at least six months after the period of your stay);
  6. home address;
  7. phone, e-mail;
  8. place of employment;
  9. job title;
  10. contact details for the place of employment (address and phone number);
  11. what visa application center / consulate you will go to (city, country);
  12. tentative travel dates;
  13. good quality scans of your passport pages containing the above-mentioned information (where applicable).

We will be unable to issue a letter of invitation if your request does not contain ALL the necessary information. Obtaining a Letter of Invitation will not guarantee that your visa application will be approved.

Publication opportunities

Conference speakers are invited to submit their presentations for publication in the proceedings of the Conference, which will be assigned an ISBN and indexed in the Russian Scientific Citation Index. Please note that only attendees’ papers will be accepted for publication. If you have paid the registration fee but for some reason are not be able to speak at the conference, your manuscript will not be accepted for publication. Please inform the Organizing Committee if you cannot attend the Conference.

Please note that the publication fee will apply (to be announced in due course). For submission guidelines go down.

All attendees will get the proceedings of the Conference via email. Hard copies will be made available upon request.

Please e-mail the formatted manuscript to up until March 1, 2019. You will receive an automated confirmation of your submission. Please note that the abovementioned email is used for publications only. Attendees are kindly requested to forward all queries, including questions related to the publication of conference proceedings, to

When forwarding the manuscript to articles.inno-conf@inno.mgimo, please indicate the name of the attached file in the Subject area, e.g. Johnson_4 (i.e. the last name of the attendee – underscore – the number of the session) and the word count.

Submission guidelines

1. Please submit your manuscript as an .RTF file.

2. Page size: A4 (210x297 mm). Portrait layout.

3. File name: Your Last Name – underscore – section number / mc (for master class) / pp (for poster presentation). For example, Smith_4 or Jones_mc.

4. Margins: 3 cm at left, 2.5 cm at right, 2.5 at top and 3.0 at bottom.

5. Font: Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spaced.

6. Maximum length of the manuscript: 2100 words.

7. Paragraphs: indented, without extra spaces between them.

8. Center text justification. No hyphenation.

9. All illustrations (charts, drawings, diagrams, pictures, etc.) are to be captioned as Picture or Table and numbered in the manuscript. All illustrations should be placed directly in the manuscript. See Example of Manuscript Layout for more details.

10. All examples are to be italicized. For more emphasis use boldface.

11. Definitions and translations: in single quote marks ('…'). Double quote marks ("……") should be used around quotations.

12. Pages: no numbering.

13. Footnotes are not to be used.

14. Format of the manuscript: (see Example of Manuscript Layout for more details):

  • Your first and last name: bold, italicized, right margin justification. If your manuscript has two and more authors, please see Example of Manuscript Layout.
  • The manuscript title: in capital letters bold, centered.
  • The information about the grant that supported your research should be given below the manuscript title, center justification, italicized.
  • An abstract of the manuscript (100–120 words) should summarize the key points of the paper. State the purpose of your research, its important findings and conclusions.
  • Key words in bold (5–6 in alphabetical order) separated by commas and a full stop at the end of the line, indented.
  • The manuscript text.
  • References: (the subtitle in bold, left justified), indented, with a colon.
  • About the author: (the subtitle in bold, left justified) with a colon.
    On a new line below write your name in bold.
    On a new line below write your degree (if any), post, affiliation (or the word 'freelance' if applicable), town/city, country, e-mail.

15. References: in alphabetical order. For quotes, write [Stevens 2010: 45] in the text. To refer to several sources, write [see Brown 1999; Robertson 2010; Smith 1957 and others]. All the references should be made in APA publication style (see Example of Manuscript Layout for more details).

Tips for conference speakers

Dear conference speakers,
If you want the conference delegates to communicate successfully, please note that good conference interpretation is a joint venture of interpreters and speakers. The former must be professional; the latter should not rush with their presentation and are requested to:

  • give the interpreters a hard copy of their presentation during registration even if they do not intend to read it through;
  • give the interpreters a hard copy of the power point presentation they are going to use as the interpreters’ booth does not offer a good view of the conference hall or the viewing screen;
  • speak distinctly and clearly;
  • explain the acronyms and abbreviations when first used even if they seem obvious to the speaker.
Accommodation Options

Dear participants,
Unfortunately, the University will not be able to provide on-campus accommodation for the participants as the Conference is held during the semester.
We offer you a choice of several affordable hotels situated close to metro stations Yugo-Zapadnaya, Prospect Vernadskogo or other nearest metro stations from which you can easily travel to MGIMO University.
The list is for your reference only; we do not advertise any hotels. Please contact the hotels to request a price quote.

1.The Hotel of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service ***
Web site: and The English version of the web site is available.
This conveniently located hotel is just a 15 minute walk from MGIMO University and is easily accessible from Vnukovo airport and all major railway stations of Moscow. Room rates range from 2,400 to 6,000 rubles per night.
To book a room call +7 495 997-61-41, +7 495 796-91-02, +7 495 922-30-64 or e-mail:
Address: 82 and 84, Prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow.

2. The Universitetskaya hotel ***
Web site: The English version of the web site is available.
Room rates range from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles. To get to the nearest metro station Universitet (Red line) take a bus or a trolleybus, then travel one station by metro and you will get to MGIMO University, or take trolleybus 34 to get to Ulitsa Lobachevskogo.
To book call +7 495 363-35-87 or use the web site.
Address: 8/29, Michurinsky Prospekt, Moscow.

3. The Yunost hotel ***
Web site: The English version of the web site is available.
This hotel is within a three-minute walk from metro station Sportivnaya (the Red line), which is only a few stations away from MGIMO by metro. Rooms are from 4,900 to 7,900 rubles per night.
To book call +7 495 540-49-75 or use the web site.
Address: 34, Hamovnichesky Val, Moscow.

4. The Salut hotel ***
Web site: The English version of the web site is available.
To get to this hotel you only need to travel five minutes by bus from metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya, which is close to MGIMO. Room rates range from 5200 to 10,400 rubles per night.
To book call +7 495 234-92-52, +7 495 234-93-72 or use the web site.
Address: 158, Leninsky Prospect, Moscow.

5. The Sanset Hotel **
Web site: There is no English version of the web-site.
The hotel is located within a ten-minute walk from metro station Belyaevo, the Orange line, from which you can easily travel to Yugo-Zapadnaya metro by bus. This hotel offers rooms from 1,600 to 5,600 rubles per night.
To book call +7 495 334-29-79, +7 495 333-65-49, +7 495 333-64-70 or use the web site (Russian version only).
Address: 5-1, General Аntonov Street, Moscow.

6. The Kometa Hotel ***
Web-site: An English web page is not available.
The hotel is located near metro station Prospect Vernadskogo and within a 20-minute walk from MGIMO. Alternatively, you can travel to MGIMO by one of the buses (#715, 616, 810 or 830). Booking is available only one or two weeks before your arrival.
To book call +7 495 649-70-40 or e-mail: Online booking is not available.
Address: 16, Prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow.

Conference Venue

MGIMO University is located at 76, Prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow, Russia between two Red Line metro stations — Yugo-Zapadnaya (South West) and Prospect Vernadskogo (see the map).

From metro station Prospect Vernadskogo: if you are travelling from the city centre, once on the station platform, walk in the direction of the front car of the train. Take the exit at the top of the stairs and turn left once you walk through the glass doors. Use the first stairs either on the right or on the left to get to the bus stop. Take buses # 616, 715, 788, 810 or 830 and get off at the stop «MGIMO». The university is located on the opposite side of the street.

From metro station Yugo-Zapandnaya: if you are travelling from the city centre, once on the station platform, walk in the direction of the last car. Take the exit at the top of the stairs and turn right once you walk through the glass doors. Take buses # 688, 785 or 497 and get off at the stop «MGIMO». The university is located on the opposite side of the street.

How to get inside